“The Same System Kills Miners and Trans People”

May 26, 2014

In the Civil Voices Meeting “the system that kills miners and LGBT people” was brought to the table, ways of liberalising together were discussed.

On the last day of Civil Voices Meeting organized by Civil Society Development Centre (STGM) LGBTİ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) fight for liberation, civil society and liberation with the fight against heterosexism were discussed.

The moderation of the forum held as a part of the Rainbow Against Discrimination Project whose secretariat was assumed by Kaos GL and Pink Life Associations was assumed by Selin Berghan from Pink Life.

Indentations of forum attendees’ speeches are as follows:

?Both miners and trans people are dying?

Gani Met (Pink Life): When it comes to discrimination we fags and queers can actually talk one way or another. I can’t access a majority of my basic rights. Miners and trans people are both dying. The prime minister beats kids. We live in a country like this. The issue we call mandatory sex work is actually really similar to miners having to work.

Erdem Gür (Black Pink Triangle): We force to think everything in tags but life doesn’t go on like that. We need descriptions but we feel companionship and togetherness in issues like discrimination, violation of the right to live.

?Putting the liberation dream into practice for everyone…?

Yıldız Tar (Kaos GL): We need to search for ways to fight together, discuss how to be free together in an event where civil society comes together. We need to see that miners and sex workers are being slaughtered by the same system; enable our LGBTİ movement to put the liberation dream into practice for everyone. Instead of politics that is demanding and waits for the rest of the civil society to understand LGBTİ people, we need to organize a solidarity together.

Çağdaş Bilir: If you recall, there was an attack against LGBT people in Kızılay AVM last month. After that, women and LGBT people from SDP protested in Kızılay AVM. Burger King workers attacked recklessly, they even tried to throw a female protester down. These types of incidents occur everywhere. We fight against neoliberal order. This neoliberal order can accept queers that fit into their customer profile while attacking other queers.

?Sexuality can be experienced capitalistically?

Buse Kılıçkaya (Pink Life): We need to be able to talk about both sexuality and human rights. We need to establish a ground in which we can talk about everything but can fight against the dominant. In many places we see sexuality as a consumer, we relate to sexuality capitalistically. We can consume sexuality. We need to make these in between connections visible when we’re having a discussion.

This event was held as a part of Delegation of the European Union to Turkey EIDHR Programme as a part of the Rainbow Coalition Against Discrimination Project conducted by Kaos GL and Pink Life associations.